Diploma after High School for Journalism

Diploma after High School for Journalism, Courses, Eligibility, Top Colleges, Jobs, Salaries,

Do you have an interest in Journalism and Mass Media type fields? Then this is the right blog for you, Read it till the end! DIPLOMA AFTER HIGH SCHOOL FOR JOURNALISM…

First of all, think about what is journalism and what do you know about it? Don’t worry, here is your answer –

Basically, Journalism is all about writing and presenting YES! Writing for Newspapers, for magazines, for news websites or the news to be broadcast…  If you have made up your mind to get into either electronic media or print media, a journalism course is what you need as Media has been an integral part of India be it through newspapers or television.

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If you like to stay connected to what is going on around you and keep all the information around the world and write on it, then you can become an excellent journalist!

If you are talking about your career after high school then I would say that you can follow your passion anytime, if you have that thing and are a repository of talent, then, of course, you should follow your passion and in which I think that you have to go ahead and should make your profession.

Now let’s not wander from our topic & start the blog without any delay and let’s talk about the Diploma after High School for Journalism which is what we want to know right!

You must pick the journalism courses depending on your interests and future goal. For example, if you looking forward to work in a newspaper company, then you must take courses like BJMC, B.A. with Journalism, etc.

However, if you are planning to bombard in electronic media (TV Shows, News Channels, etc.) then you can opt for courses like B.A. with Mass Media, B.A. in scriptwriting, Bachelor in Media Science, etc…

Types of Journalism Courses you can pursue are as follows –

Name of the Course

Duration of the Course

·         Diploma in Journalism

1 year

·         Bachelor in Journalism

3 years

·         B.A with Journalism

3 years

·         Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication

2 years

·         B.A in Journalism and Mass Communication

3 years

·         B.A in Journalism and Communication studies

3 years

·         B.A in Mass Communication, Journalism and Advertising

3 years

·         B.Sc. in Mass Communication and Journalism

3 years

Eligibility Criteria for Journalism Course in India –

  • After you have passed class 12 with a minimum of 50% marks from any stream (Science, Commerce, or Arts), you can apply for a journalism course.
  • Admissions are done either based on entrance test/exam, based on class 12 marks (varies from university to university), or based on personal interviews taken by the college to shortlist the students.
  • You should possess good Communication skills, English speaking skills, and Writing skills for the eligibility of Journalism Course in India.

Top Colleges for Journalism in India –

Name of College


Annual Fees

·         Chandigarh University

BA Film & TV Studies  |  BJMC

72000 INR  |  45000 INR

·         International Institute of Mass Media Delhi

BJMC (Journalism)

BJMC (Advertising & Public Relations)

BJMC (Production & Direction)

90000 INR

·         International Institute of Mass Media Delhi

Diploma in Print Photography

62500 INR

·         Acharya Institutes Bangalore

BA Journalism

40000 INR

·         Grace College Rajkot


13600 INR

·         LNCT University Lucknow


50000 INR

·         Institute of Management Studies Noida


118000 INR

·         Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal

BA Journalism

50000 INR

·         Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal

BA Journalism and Mass Communication

125000 INR

·         Quantum University Roorkee

BA (Hons) Journalism, Eng & Pol Science


BA (Hons) Journalism & Mass Communication

62500 INR

Jobs and Salaries after Journalism Courses –

You can apply for jobs in various entertainment channels, news channels, newspapers, and news agencies after completing your respective journalism course. Although the starting salary after graduation is not great, there are chances of getting high-paying jobs after gaining experience in this field.

Fresher could earn around Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 3 lakh per annum in this field and an experienced Journalist could earn a package of around Rs. 12 lakh after pursuing an MBA in Media Management.

However, after 3 to 4 years of experience in the Journalism domain you can get good salary packages!


I hope you enjoyed the entire blog and got the complete information about the DIPLOMA AFTER HIGH SCHOOL FOR JOURNALISM. You can pursue any Journalism Course after completing your high school education and make a career in it.

The next blog will be released shortly. Leave a comment below and tell me what subject you think the next blog should be on regarding DIGITAL SERVICES, SEO, DIGITAL MARKETING, CAREER RELATED, JOB ORIENTED, WEBSITE CREATION, ONLINE MONEY MAKING, HEALTH & FOOD RELATED  or Anything else in this New World of Technology.

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