Syllabus for Diploma Course in Communicative English

Hello, Pzians… I hope you are staying at home and safe. Today’s Blog topic is – Syllabus for Diploma Course in Communicative English, which is very intriguing and can help you decide your Career after 10th or 12th wisely!

Have you finally conducted your secondary education, i.e. 12th grade, and are you concerned about your future? Well, there would be nothing to worry about; it’s natural to consider one’s future career, as I did when I was in 12th grade. What will my professional life be like, and where will I work? So, if you are successful in Learning, you should consider enrolling in a Diploma Course in Communicative English.

Diploma in Communicative English –

A postgraduate English course is the Diploma in Communicative English. It is concerned with business and management, and it covers one of the main subjects, Communicative English.

Benefits of the course –

This course teaches students how to communicate with others by using English language components. They will cover the wide number of diverse methodologies that comprise the modern intellectual vocabulary of English and English Studies. This course will also increase their understanding of language usage practices and their application in various scenarios. The course prepares students to confidently enter the professional field.

Duration of Diploma Course in Communicative English –

The duration of the Post Graduate Diploma in Communicative English is usually two academic years, but this can vary from institute to institute and some educational institutions may offer it part-time. Candidates who complete the course will be able to find employment in education and a variety of other business sectors.

Eligibility for Diploma Course in Communicative English –

  • Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% from a recognized Board/University/Council.
  • Group discussions and interviews conducted are also used to assess candidates’ personal attributes and effective communication. Admission to many management colleges in India is as follows: Many B-schools admit candidates based on the aggregate scores of the Entrance Exam, GD/PIs, and, in some cases, work experience.
  • Aside from entrance exams, a few business schools conduct individual cognitive tests that qualify candidates for that business school.

Why must you opt for the course?

After completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Improve their fluency and comprehensibility in speaking English.
  • Enhance their reading fluency and comprehension of academic articles.
  • Broaden their vocabulary.
  • Improve their accuracy in generating and recognising spoken and written English.

Syllabus for Diploma Course in Communicative English as stipulated by respective Colleges and Universities.

Paper I: Communicative English I

Units Subjects of Study
I Linguistic Communication
Barriers to Communication
Importance of Communication
Personal Appearance
Posture2.3 Gestures
Facial Expression
Eye contact
Space Distancing
II Pattern of Communication
Management of Information
III Face to Face Conversation
Telephonic Conversation
IV Purpose
Physical Arrangements
V Types of Discussion Groups
Regulation Speech
Conduction Seminars
Organising Conferences
Evaluating Oral Presentation

Paper II: Communicative English II

I Group Dynamics
Basic Principles and Guidelines
Types of Aids and Their Use
II Definition
Preparatory Steps
III Structure
IV Importance of Professional Writing
Features of Written Communication
Choice of Words and Phrases
V Sentence Structure and Length
Paragraph Structure and Length
Final Draft

Paper III: Communicative English III

I Definition
Key Factors
II Purpose
Layout and Form
Social Correspondence
III Notices
IV Handbooks
V Research Papers

Paper IV: Communicative English IV

I Advertising
Job Description
II Uses
III Copy Editing
Words Commonly Misspell
IV Punctuation
V Abbreviation

Areas of Employment and Job Types Available After Completing the Course –


  • Advertising Firms
  • Centralized Information Services (CIS)
  • Photographic Studios
  • Companies that broadcast radio
  • AIR – All India Railways Corporations for Radio Broadcasting
  • Public Relations and Circulation
  • Newspapers
  • Press Information Bureau Tourism Information Centres
  • Institutes of Higher Learning

Novels and Books

Job Types Available –

  • Communicative English Trainer
  • Centre Coordinator
  • English Language Trainer
  • Travel Counsellor
  • Home Tutor
  • Ticketing Executive
  • Creative & Content Writer
  • Tele-counsellor

Diploma Course in Communicative English is Best Suited for –

  • This course is appropriate for students interested in pursuing a P.G.D. in Communicative English and other grammatical areas of it.
  • Candidates who are willing to adapt to teaching as a career field at the college and university levels, both in private and public institutions, are also great choices for the course.

Conclusion –

So, regardless of which stream we choose, we should choose our career field after 12th based on our interests, because you can devote 100% of your time to whatever work you enjoy, or you can do a job or work well only when you feel like it. I hope this blog helps you make an informed decision about your career after the 12th grade!

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