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Wassup Pzians? Hope you all are Doing Great! Today we will know about Keto Diet Plan for Beginners Step by Step Guide… But before that, you know what KETO means and what is a Keto Diet? Hakuna Matata (Don’t Worry) then first of all let’s know about the Keto & Keto Diet…

KETO or KETOGENIC is a term used for consuming LOW-CARBS means consuming more calories from protein and fats and cut the calories of carbohydrates from the diet that is KETO DIET just like Atkins Diet. The Carbs (Carbohydrates) which are easy to digest like sugar, pastries, white bread, soda, etc. are not much consumable in Keto Diet. Basically, a diet that is high in fat & protein but very low in carbs is a Ketogenic or Keto Diet.




Keto Diet helps in Weight Loss & you feel less hungry.Giving up whole grains, fruits, many veggies & beans can cause Nutrient Deficiency & Constipation.
Controls Blood Sugar & Improves Insulin Sensitivity.Can cause Fatigue, Headache, Brain Fog, Upset Stomach (also called Keto Flu), Kidney Stones, Osteoporosis, and Liver Disease.
Keto Diet cuts out nearly all Processed Foods.Very difficult to stick with such a Restrictive Diet & its rigid nature can lead to Obsessive and Disordered Eating.


The process that happens when your body burns fat and makes ketones (when it doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to burn for energy) which it can use for fuel is called Ketosis. Basically, it is a popular low-carb weight loss program.

Ketosis has some benefits also like Doctors may put children on Keto Diet who have epilepsy because it can help in preventing seizures. It helps you burn fat, reduce appetite, and can make you feel less hungry plus it helps you keep muscle. Keto Diet might help you lower the risk of heart diseases. Also, Keto Diet (which is very low in carbs) helps people who have diseases like Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance & Type 2 Diabetes, etc. 

There are many Side Effects of Ketosis or Keto Diet also like – you will start to feel bad during the first week which is called Keto Flu. Some other Side-Effects are – Headache, Fatigue, Brain Fog, Irritability, Constipation, Trouble Sleeping, Nausea, Stomach ache, Dizziness, Sugar Cravings, Cramps, Sore Muscles, Bad Breath, etc.

Keto Diet Plan for Beginners, Step by Step Guide –

Keto Diet Plan for Beginners Step by Step Guide

Step No. 1 – Decide Your Fitness Goal

First of all, decide and identify your primary goal or what is the purpose of your Keto Diet?

Here are some reasons why someone would change their diet –

  • For Weight Loss
  • To Gain Muscle
  • Improved Performance
  • Improved Health

Step No. 2 – Calculate Your Calorie Goal Daily

  • Determine how many Calories you Burn Each Day.
  • Determine how many calories you need a day to lose weight.
  • Determine how many calories you need a day to gain weight.

Step No. 3 – Calculate Your Keto Macros

The exact Macro Ratio for you can be dependent on your fitness, metabolic efficiency, and other individual considerations. You have to follow a strict keto diet which is designed to follow strict macronutrient targets, including high fats & proteins and low carbs consumption. For some people, the Keto Macro Ratio looks like this –

  • 70% of calories from fat
  • 25% of calories from protein
  • 5% of calories from carbs

Step No. 4 – Plan your Keto Diet Menu

First of all, we have to decide our Keto Menu means what we have to eat being on a Keto Diet. High carb foods like grains, bread, starchy veggies, and fruits are not considered in a Keto-friendly in diet. Your Keto Diet should include healthy carb substitutes & some of the veggies for this like –

  • Cauliflower rice
  • Mashed Cauliflower
  • Spaghetti squash
  • Portobello mushroom “buns”
  • Lettuce wraps
  • Zucchini noodles (or “zoodles”)

Step No. 5 – Stick to Your Keto Goals

Planning a Keto Menu is like winning the half battle but sticking to the keto diet needs sheer willpower. This means you have to stick to your diet for more than a few weeks consistently. Don’t cheat yourself in the dieting procedure to get effective results. You can have a KETO CHEAT DAY once in a week or two but you have to stick to your calorie goals consistently.

Sticking on the Keto Goals could help you learn how to make Smart Goals in your life and build better habits to support all your hard work. Have some willpower, develop some healthy habits and change your routines to be successful.


So here was the Keto Diet Plan for Beginners Step by Step Guide. I hope this Keto Diet Plan Information would be helpful for you to manage your health and diet. So stick to this Keto Diet Plan to get fit and fine and follow these steps mentioned above for your fitness goals.

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