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Wassup Pzians? Are you a Student & Want to do Online Jobs to Earn Money Online for that Extra Pocket Money? So here are the Top 6 Online Jobs for Students which will give you some income & make you an independent person. So Read the Full Blog till the end that will make you ‘Aatm Nirbhar’ (according to our respected PM).

YES! You Read it Right. Your Studies won’t get affected & you will start earning. Then you don’t have to depend on anyone for your expenses anymore & can Actually Make Some Good Side Cash Online through these Part-Time Jobs for you in this Digital World. Today you’ll know about the 6 Online Jobs/ Part-Time Jobs for Students. So Lets’ Get Started!

No. 1 Online Job is Social Media Manager

Social Media Marketing is the New Trend Setter in this Digital Marketing World. If you are interested in handling social media networks which includes creating & maintaining brand promotions, company information & marketing campaigns for the company then you could be a skilled Social Media Manager.

Being a social media manager you have to report to the head of the content or brand or social media director of your organization. Now-a-days everything could be viral on social media within minutes, it is totally depend on your type of content because CONTENT IS THE KING!

So, Social Media Manager could be a Good Job for you if you know how to make your company happy by increasing the sales through social media & could earn on an international level also by working from home.

No. 2 Online Job is Freelance Resume Writer

Yes Guys! As we all know that Resume is the initial step of clearing an interview for the job. So you could write Professional Resumes & Cover Letters if you have the professional skills to write & provide resume writing service with LinkedIn (& many other job providing online portals).

You can write the Impressive Resumes for Job Seekers/Job Searchers who are actually in need to get the job. You can work from home as a Resume Writer for a lot of Online Job Portals & Earn a good Income. Best & 100% Trusted Website for Freelance Resume Writer is

No. 3 Online Job is Search Engine Evaluator

Search Engine Evaluator mainly analyze, critique & rate the accuracy of SEO Results.  It work on the keywords or keyword phrases related to the searcher & will help you to land more people or customers on the website using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategies & Techniques.

Search Engine Evaluators help search engines provide the right results to you, so you can get the information you need as quickly as possible. They may not create the algorithms that tell the search engine what to do, but their feedback helps the programmers to create better, smarter search engines that make your life a little easier.

No. 4 Online Job is Transcriptionist

A Transcriptionist is a Professional Typist who listens & translate the recorded audio & video files & convert them into a text document (MS WORD FILE) whatever they hear.

Being a Transcriptionist, you should have a good command on different-different languages, strong listening ability, accuracy & efficiency in grammar, typing skills & good knowledge of basic computer like MS OFFICE (Application like MS WORD).

Working from home as a Transcriptionist offers many benefits, including working at your own pace and according to your own schedule. The more clients & experience you get, the higher you will get paid, it totally depends on your skill level & expertise.

No. 5 Online Job is Data Entry

Data Entry is the easiest & best way to generate an income source if you have great typing skills. Being a Data Entry Operator you can earn a good package of Online Money & support your family & yourself financially (Aatm-Nirbhar).

You just have to enter data from various sources into the computer company system. You need to have strong & efficient writing skills to manage a large amount of information (data) that is often sensitive or confidential for Processing & Management., & are the 3 websites which are best fit for data entry work that you can do from home that pay you at a varying rate.

No. 6 Online Job is Social Media Influencer

We have seen social media grow rapidly in the last decade right? Social Media Platforms are the new entertainment platforms where we all love to spend our time mostly. If you have vast number of social network & followers you could be a Social Media Influencer.

Many mega influencers have gained so much fame & followers just because they’re Movie Stars, Celebrities, Musicians, Sportsperson, TV Stars, Social Activists, Bloggers, YouTubers,

Podcasters, etc. So you could be any of them & influence your audience/followers on social media.

If you are a Social Media Influencer, means you have vast number of followers/audience on your Social Media Platforms, then the brands or big companies will collaborate with you to promote their products or businesses & you can demand any amount you want & they will pay you. So Social Media Influencing is the new way of employment for today’s youth generation.


So here were the Top 6 Online Jobs Jobs for Students to Make Money Online to make you an independent individual for your extra pocket money & sharpen your digital skills of this modern era.

Now you know how to earn money online then just go through these Part-Time Jobs & Start Earning while chilling & sitting at home which will also not affect your study at all.

You just need a Digital Device (PC or Laptop) with an Internet Connection That’s All! I hope you Like the Blog So, Don’t forget to Like & Comment Below that what do you want to know about more regarding DIGITAL SERVICES, SEO, DIGITAL MARKETING, WEBSITE CREATION, ONLINE MONEY MAKING or Anything else in this New World of Technology.


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