Types of Cyber Security

Cyber Security – also known as Information Technology Security or Electronic Information Security. Today we will know about Types of Cyber Security. Hello Guys, Hope you are doing well in your lives.

So If you are Interested in Information Technology, Cyber World or This New World of Internet Technology, and if you are WORRIED about Protecting your Mobile Devices, Computers, Servers, Electronic Systems, Networks and Data from Harmful Attacks or Hacking, you really need to know about Cyber Security & Types of Cyber Security for defending your data, servers & devices.

Cyber Threat is increasing globally with a rising number of Hackers. Harmful Criminals or Hackers who have a desire to harm people are responsible for spreading the poison in this Cyber World Endangering Cyber Security.

So Read the Full Blog till the end that will make your Devices, Data, & Servers Secure. YES! You Read it Right. So Lets’ Get Started!

Cyber Crime includes single person or a group who target systems for financial gain causing break in the action (interruption). Cyber Attack involves political or some personal information gathering often. Cyber Terrorism is Illegal as it make electronic systems weaker causing panic and fear.

Now to avoid all these threats & attacks in Cyber World, Let’s know about TYPES OF CYBER SECURITY / Information Technology Security / Electronic Information Security –


As we all know that Applications (Apps) need constant updates so we need to keep our software & applications secure, means free of cyber threat.

So the DESIGN OF OUR APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE INNOVATIVE & COMPLICATED because it gives our application the access to cyber security. Update your Applications Regularly to ensure the applications are secure from cyber-attacks.

Examples of Application Security – Static Application Security, Dynamic Application Security, Encryption, etc.


Network Security Includes PROTECTING OUR NETWORK FROM UNWANTED USERS, ATTACKS & VIOLATION securing our Computer Networks.

For all those attackers who are always trying to find and exploit the computer network system there are many network security management tools & applications which are in use today protecting our networks.

Examples of Network Security – Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware Software, Data Loss Prevention, Firewall, etc.


It is a great challenge to secure the data & files which are in a digital environment or “the cloud”. Cloud Security is the process of protecting the data & files which is stored online or in the cloud through cloud computing platforms from being theft, leaking or deletion.

Examples of Cloud Security are – Firewalls, Akamai, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), etc.


The process of securing our end-user devices such as desktops, laptops, personal computers, or mobile devices from being attacked or exploited by harmful or spiteful viruses.

Endpoint Security Systems are now designed to quickly detect & analyze the attacks & viruses, later on, block them.

Examples of Endpoint Security – Endpoint Detection and Response, Network Access Control, Browser Isolation, Cloud Perimeter Security, etc.


The Process for securing the business data, remote work & prepare the organization for destructive plans (events) is included in Disaster Recovery (DR) & Business Continuity (BC).

We must update the changes like password changes, 2-factor authentication, etc. Recovery from Disaster or other data must be protected & the business must go on.

Examples of Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity – Akamai, Schneider Electric, etc.


So here was the Complete Knowledge about Types of Cyber Security. You can manage your Cyber Security and follow the guidelines of NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) to protect & secure your files, data & electronic devices from being exploited & attacked. BEWARE OF CYBER THREATS!

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